Why I Love Coaching

Yosaif AugustPeople who seek me out as their coach are a select group – self selected, self elected.

  • They are courageous people who fiercely and passionately want to live the life they are here in this world to live.
  •  They may not have clarity about what that means or what it’s supposed to look like. But they have a deep down sense of their life purpose and intend to live more and more aligned with it.
  •  They know I will be their courageous ally – meeting them in the safe courageous space we create together.  They trust me to truly listen deeply and attentively to them, to be witnessing where they are. And to draw upon my intuition and creativity to help them access their deep wisdom. To help them identify the direction they are seeking for their lives.  To challenge them to take bold actions to move in that direction and be accountable for doing so. And to harvest their learnings from taking those actions.  And to be willing to push back at me in order to steer our work in the way that is right for them.

I love this journeying with my clients. I love being attuned with them and in being fully utilized – my skills, my insights, my own accumulated wisdom.  I love it when we’re reflective, when we’re laughing, when we’re singing, when we’re crying, when we’re being hard-nosed strategic and data driven.

It’s a privilege to be doing this work and I feel so blessed to be doing it!

If coaching speaks to your needs right now, you can contact Yosaif for a free phone (or Skype, Google + or FaceTime) consultation.