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Coaching for Caregivers thumbnailJust published by Yes to Life Publishing! This book is for dedicated family caregivers who are carrying more of a burden than they can healthfully handle and are at risk of burning themselves out. It’s also for friends and family of these dedicated people, who are concerned about them and want to help them reach out for support. It’s also been highly recommended for professionals who work with people in this challenging situation.

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Family in HandFind and connect with the kinds of help you and your loved one need. We provide links to extensive resource listings developed by the leading national caregiver support organizations and special links for veterans, respite care, aging resources, transitions in care and hospice.

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Stock Children DoctorThis blog is for caregivers who want to live their lives as resiliently and fully as they can while they do their best to care for their loved ones. It provides a conversational setting for them to explore their lives as caregivers – especially their needs for self care. It also focuses on their lives beyond caregiving –  as people who have other roles, interests and connections in their lives. It also is addressed to friends and family who have deep connections with family caregivers, who may be concerned that their friends are at risk of burning themselves out.

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Hispanic grandfather with wife and grandsonIn addition to the Health Life Coaching practice, I also offer a private individualized Coaching for Caregivers program, focusing on the distinct needs of family caregivers. In this program I utilize the concepts and tools that I present in my book, Coaching for Caregivers: How to Reach Out Before You Burn Out.

I help caregivers feel their feet on the ground, assess their needs and develop a strategy for resiliently managing what they need to do, especially focusing on caregiver self-care.

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