Encore Career Coaching

Engaging the Four “P”s: Purpose, Passion, Possibilities & Paycheck


Having a strong sense of life purpose is good for your health and can help extend your life. When we are in transition – especially approaching conventional retirement age – our sense of purpose can be challenged or diminished.

Research has shown that people with high levels of purpose in their lives have half the mortality rate of those with low purpose, are 2.4 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease and, if they do eventually develop AD, they are much more resilient in maintaining their cognitive abilities.

Encore career coaching will help you clarify and strengthen your sense of life purpose and then to repurpose your unique gifts to align with your new or enhanced purpose.



sign saying if not now, when?Passion is wonderful if you know how to access it. However, recent research has shown that only 20% of people know their passion.

Utilizing “design thinking” approach, Encore career coaching will help you discover the career you will be truly passionate about. The process, developed by Drs. Evans and Burnett at Stanford U.’s School of design, is call “prototyping.”

Simply put, it means trying things out to see how they feel to you – such as interviewing people doing what you may like to do, shadowing them on the job, volunteering in a related setting, getting a temporary job in that area of work – all for the purpose of discovering what will truly tap your passion.

You will know your passion when you experience it and feel it – and encore career coaching will help you get there.



sign saying opportunity just aheadIt will be exciting for you to discover that your skill sets, experiences, strengths, qualities are in demand in a much wider range of possibilities than you currently imagine. “Design thinking” will help you get into action to explore these possibilities –

  • The corporate world – in a new setting more in alignment with your values and life purpose – either by repurposing your skills, enhancing them, or getting further education, training or certifications. As in the growing field of green energy and sustainability, there are more and more for-profit companies doing good in the world.
  • The non-profit sector – one of the fastest growing areas of career opportunity. Opportunities include joining an established organization or collaborating with others to start a new one. The range of possibilities is enormous: education, healthcare, spiritual care, research, advocacy, inter-generational, environmental.
  • Entrepreneuring – becoming a social entrepreneur – seeing need in the world and creating a new and better way of meeting that need. You can do this by yourself, or with other kindred spirits.



Yes You Can on SignpostContinuing to get a paycheck is important to many of us, even as we seek to make a positive difference in the world. We may not need to earn as much, but we do need additional income to sustain us at this time of our lives.

We may be willing to exchange some money for more meaning, impact and significance. And being willing to do so, may open up new exciting possibilities that we hadn’t imagined we could be doing in our lives.

Encore career coaching can help you find the right way for you to continue to earn a living.



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